Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sales Byte No 29 : Hunter or Farmer?

As a sales person are you a hunter or a farmer? There is quite a difference between the two.

Farmers tend to be continually active ensuring their customers are satisfied, building relationships, looking for opportunities etc. Farmers often get involved in a lot of plate spinning!

Hunters, on the other hand, tend to have less frenetic to-do lists – but those actions that are on them will be high impact. Hunters need to be highly focused and avoid distractions. The mistake some make is to believe that in order to sell they must do something, therefore, if they do something they will sell. Those people just become busy fools. Good hunters are busy – but not busy fools!

There are of course people, and this includes senior managers and business owners, who have to do both. My observation is that they tend to favour one, but are able to turn their hand to the other.

My tip is this – know what you are, play to your strengths, and plan accordingly.

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