Monday, 24 January 2011

Be Bold

Have you ever noticed that some sales people, who appear to be confident and outgoing, become rather timid when asking prospective customers for commitment?

It is not so much that they are shy, more that they are reluctant to ask for what they want. I believe that they are afraid to ask the direct question for two reasons:

1. They fear that their prospect may say “no”, in which case they think they will have blown it.
2. They are afraid that they may be perceived as being too pushy. In which case, again, they feel that this might blow it.

However, if they don’t ever ask that direct and vital question they will probably never make the sale. Worst still they will be perceived as weak and insubstantial. Who wants to buy from someone like that? Either way they really will have blown it!

My tip therefore is this, be bold and ask for what you want.

The very worst that can happen is that you find that you don’t have a deal, in which case you can cut your losses and move on. The more likely outcome, if your prospect doesn’t immediately say “yes”, is that you have a strong negotiating stance. Of course, the other possibility is that you find that they do say “yes” – result!

So – be bold, decide what you want, and don’t be afraid to ask for it.

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