Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Nearly all sales people agree that it is right for them to ask questions of their prospects. All good sales people understand that it is critical how they ask those questions.

Have you ever been sold to by someone asking questions in such a way that you get the feeling that you are being set up? Sales people who operate in this way tend to follow a sequence of questions – all heading towards a point at which you feel they will say, “Checkmate”! In other words, they try to manoeuvre you into a position where you have to say, “Yes”, to their proposition. Of course you actually say, “No”.

Good sales people will ask questions as part of a conversation – rather than an interrogation.

So my tip is this; when you are, rightly, asking questions of your prospect, just consider carefully how you are coming across. If you think you might be a bit over-assertive then rein back a little. The biggest indicator of this is whether you are listening (really listening) to the answers. If your next question is driven by what is next on your checklist, rather than by the answer, then you probably need to adjust your approach!

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