Monday, 18 July 2011

Spot the Difference

If you are selling a product or service at a premium price you must demonstrate value. All good sales people know that. How then do you sell that value?

You might take the approach that your price is, say, £110, for which you provide a premium product, whereas your competitor may be asking £100 for an inferior product. You might then find yourself explaining everything about your product that makes it worth £110. Many of these features will be the same as with your competitor’s product.

However, if you focus on the difference, i.e. just £10, you can then concentrate on those things about your product that are different. If you can show that this adds up to more than £10 in value then you are a long way towards making the sale.

My tip therefore is simply this; spotlight the difference and the extra benefit the customer gets, and show that this is more than the difference in price. This applies however the benefits are delivered; extra features, less waste or perhaps, simply, assurance of performance!


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