Assistance with ITT

I have recently written on the topic of Assistance with PQQ completion, which is all about demonstrating compliance and getting through to the next stage. Well, this is it! The ITT is the next stage, and assistance with ITT completion is the topic of today’s blog. The ITT is where it gets seriously competitive, and the …

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Tender Writing Support Services

Tender writing is a very distinct form of writing, and differs in certain important aspects to writing proposals. Specialists in tender writing support services can help by ensuring that tender responses are written and pitched in the right way. Ticking the Boxes Whereas proposal writing is primarily an exercise in persuasive writing, tender writing is …

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Assistance with PQQ Completion

The objective of submitting a Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is to get through to the next stage. This may be a matter of demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the contracting business or organisation. It may be a matter of scoring more points than your competitors. The next stage, for those successful at the PQQ stage, …

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pre-qualification questionnaire

Tender Help for SMEs

Responding to a tender can be a very stressful time for a business owner. It places many demands on an already busy individual. Getting some tender help can be a good idea for a number of reasons. Demand on Time It takes time to put together a good tender response. You will need to allocate …

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Bid to Win Tenders

If you want to bid to win tenders you will want a strong bid strategy. A strong bid strategy means that your objectives must be; To score more points than any of your competitors with your tender Have a compelling case to make when you are invited to present Scoring More Points Scoring more points …

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Bid Strategy

The Competitive Tender Process

The competitive tender process is exactly like a funnel. To win, you must complete each stage Expression of Interest All tenderers start off by making an Expression of Interest. This effectively means that they have “tossed their hat” into the ring for consideration to be included in the tender process. Pre-qualification Questionnaire Unless there is …

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Competitive Tender Process

Informal Tender Procedure

I wrote in an earlier blog that, whereas a formal tender will follow certain protocols, an informal tender will not. I touched on the point that this means that the buyer is not obliged to follow any particular course of action, allowing them much more flexibility. However, because there is much more flexibility, there is …

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No Rules

Qualify a Tender

Before diving into the task of responding it is a very good practice to qualify a tender. Do You Want the Business? This is a no-brainer. If the contract doesn’t fit with your business don’t go for it. Are You Offering What They Want? If you are not offering what they want you won’t win. …

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Bid No Bid
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