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Tender Help to Suit You

It is important, when looking for someone to provide help with a tender, that they provide the level of tender help to suit you. It is also important that they provide help at a level to suit your budget. It is also essential to be able to fully explore all the elements of the support package …

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Tender Help for SMEs

Responding to a tender can be a very stressful time for a business owner. It places many demands on an already busy individual. Getting some tender help can be a good idea for a number of reasons. Demand on Time It takes time to put together a good tender response. You will need to allocate …

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Need a Little Tender Help?

Responding to an invitation to tender (ITT) can be a stressful time. It is really important that any help is provided in the right way, and that it reduces the stress rather than adding to it. Effective interaction between you and the tender consultant will be critical. They must fit in with your ways of working. They …

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Mastering the Task

When a demanding task arrives, like a tender response, it is quite natural to circle around it for a while – and to worry that you are not making any real progress. Don’t be concerned, this is all part of the process of mastering the task. I find that the process follows the following steps: …

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Tender Buzzwords

Ever wondered what words mean in a business and how it may differ from the real world? “Environmental Awareness” has become “Sustainability”, “Equal Opportunities” has become “Diversity”. I wonder what the next tender buzzwords will be? See tender buzzwords. Keep coming back to our Tender Services Blog for Hints and Tips on how you can …

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