Rob Parker

Rob Parker has many years experience helping and supporting businesses and organisations win proposals, bids and tenders. Rob Parker assists people writing tenders, responding to PQQs and generally successfully negotiating all stages of the tender process. Rob's blog comprises observations from many years of helping, supporting and assisting people write winning proposals, bids and tenders - often with musical references!

Tiny Cogs

Putting together a tender response is a perfect example of when to use a project plan. A deadline has to be met. A number of people are involved. One activity depends on another. It can all go horribly wrong. As the project manager it would be reasonable for you to expect that others, responsible for …

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Tendering to lose!!??

Have you ever looked through a tender document and wondered at some of the detail within the specification? The chances are this is because it has been written with the features of a competitor’s product or service in mind. If this is the case it raises the question of whether or not it is worthwhile …

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Have you ever submitted a tender with a limit on the number of words permitted in the response for each section? Isn’t it much easier to write 1,000 words on a topic than 300! The temptation is to write the response without regard to the word count – and then worry about that later. The …

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The Dreaded Presentation

Tender Presentation – Consider these two scenarios: Scenario 1 Having completed the tender you are invited to deliver a tender presentation. The natural instinct at this juncture is to start to plan an impressive PowerPoint presentation and hit them with all your USPs. Off you go and create all sorts of dynamic statements and graphics. …

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