Tender Alerts

Tender Alerts

A couple of years ago, if you searched for a tender opportunity online, the first few pages of search results would be dominated by services providing tender alerts. This was most annoying for two reasons. Firstly, all of these tender alert services were blocking you from getting to information which should have been freely available. Secondly, they wanted to charge you for providing you with a service that included giving you the very information they were blocking in the first place.

As people liked me worked harder and harder at finding a way around the blockage, tender alert services became more and more clever at making them insurmountable.

Well … there is good news. The government have stepped in and created a tender alert service which is absolutely free. No strings attached. The service is called Contracts Finder The site was launched in February 2015.

You can use this site to search for tender opportunities, and you can do this without registering. If you register you can save your searches and receive regular tender alerts based on your search criteria. The site is pretty easy to use. This is the landing page.

GOV.UK contract finder

You can search by geography, by industry type, by contract stage etc. You can save more than one search and receive multiple tender alerts. The tender alerts come through in a manageable format, Basic information contains the facility to click through and get more detailed information, which in turn allows you to access the information you need in order apply to be included in the tender process. Generally speaking, most, if not all, tender opportunities in the UK end up on this site, and in good time.

If you would like to know more about how this works, or maybe how on line portals work, contact us.

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