Tender Alert Monitoring

Want to know more about Tender Alert Monitoring?

Do you subscribe to tender alert services but find it difficult to keep track of them? Or maybe you get too high a proportion of inappropriate ones. Or maybe you don’t get round to looking at them until it’s too late, and it’s getting close to, or you miss, the deadline

This article on finding UK public sector tenders will help.

Tender Byte: “Not Missing the Deadline”

Most tenders these days are conducted on line. This means that the deadline is applied automatically. If the system shows that your bid was submitted a split second after the deadline you will be deemed to have missed it, and all your hard work will come to naught!

My philosophy is to avoid this as an absolute priority.

One tip is to check if you can submit a bid prior to the deadline and subsequently edit it. In my experience this is usually the case. If this is so then you could submit an early draft of your bid, and edit it later – in the knowledge that, whatever else happens, you won’t miss the deadline.

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