Business Writing

Help with Business Writing

If you need assistance with writing any business documents we can help. Business writing comes in many forms – and the requirement may be “hard copy” or “soft copy” documents. If it is important for you to get the content, structure or presentation of your document right you might want to consider getting in some professional help. Business writing with which we can help includes;


Letters are the traditional form of business writing. You may need to send a sales letter, or it may be for other business reasons. If you need the letter to say exactly what you want it to say it is crucial to express it in precisely the right way. It is essential that you communicate what you mean, with no room for misinterpretation.


Emails are the contemporary form of business writing. It is very easy to compose an email and click the send button straight away. Sometimes it is important to get the content exactly the right before sending. If it is important to get it right, take some time over it and get some help. Emails can be every bit as important as letters.

Business Propositions

Sometimes the material required to support a business proposition can be quite complex. Organising this into a coherent document can be pretty challenging. Getting help to structure and present the document can make the difference between success and failure.

Sales Proposals

For more on these click here.

Case Studies

You might want to produce a case study. These can be most powerful in convincing prospects to consider using your services. Pitching them in the right way will turn them into highly persuasive evidence.

We can help with business writing of all kinds, and with all aspects required to produce a compelling document. We can help with content, with structure and with the visual aspects of your document. For more information contact us.

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