The final stage in the sales process may involve some hard negotiation. Successful negotiation means achieving a win-win for you and your customer. As part of our services we can help prepare you for this.

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Negotiation to Win-Win; Personal Coaching

win win

Negotiation to Win-Win enables you to look at both sides of a situation.  We examine what the negotiation should be about and how each side might approach it based on their needs, and empathise with the different objectives that will be around the negotiation table. We also cover the different people involved in a negotiation and look at individual personal objectives. The key benefit is that we will take you outside of your own circle and place you on both sides of the table. We will expose you to all the elements that may not be obvious, but affect those with which you negotiate. You will come away with a wider understanding of people’s needs and a better way to position your own solution.

Sales Byte: “Negotiation – Game On!”

  • You want to achieve a win-win. (It is essential to get a good deal, but it is also important for the other person to feel good too.)
  • You need to be prepared. Understand what you want and what you are prepared to give away, and work out the same for your customer. Trading high value / low cost elements is good, from both points of view.
  • Be prepared to walk away.

And above all, be up for it!

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