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Tender Support Services

Want to find out more about our other Tender Support Services?

As well as helping you write and submit tenders and bids we can help with other tender support services. Contact us for a free consultation.

Tender Alert Monitoring

Through our tender alert monitoring service we will monitor your tender alerts, sort out the worthwhile ones, and ensure you become aware of them in good time. Click here for more information.

Other Services from Momentum Consulting

Sales Proposals

We can help with specific proposals to win business. The aim of a proposal is to create a persuasive case that moves you closer to the sale. It is your opportunity to match the needs of the prospect with what you are offering, and allows a degree of flexibility in how you present this. We will help and support you to create powerful proposals. As part of our services we can also help you create a template from which you can create your own proposals quickly and effectively. Click here for more information.


Pitching to win business may include making a presentation. In fact, following successful submission of proposals, tenders and bids the next stage may be to make a presentation of your proposal. As part of our services we can help you create powerful presentations. Click here for more information.


The final stage in the sales process may involve some hard negotiating. Successful negotiation means achieving a win-win for you and your customer. As part of our services we can help prepare you for this. Click here for more information.

Sales Coaching

As well as developing plans and creating material, and as part of our support tender services, we can help maximise the result by providing coaching for key personnel. Click here for more information.

Business Writing

If you need assistance with writing any business documents we can help. Business writing comes in many forms – and the requirement may be “hard copy” or “soft copy” documents. If it is important for you to get the content, structure or presentation of your document right you might want to consider getting in some professional help. Click here for more information.

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