Free Tender Support Consultation

What you will get from a free tender support consultation

We offer various kinds of free, no-obligation, consultation to suit your exact needs.

1. Discuss a Specific Tender Opportunity

… how can we provide bid and tender support for you?

You may wish to take advantage of this free consultation to find out how we might provide tender support for a specific tender or bid. If you have a tender you may need help with we will review the tender documentation free of charge. We will provide you with our assessment with no obligation. This consultation would also include, if you wished, putting together the right tender support plan for you. As part of the consultation we would establish precisely what you need. We would put together a tender support plan for you based on the exact circumstances of the tender or proposal you are putting together. Contact us to find out how this might work.

2. Review Your Readiness to Tender

… is your business in good shape to tender, and how may you achieve this?

Alternatively you may wish to take up this offer to check your overall level of fitness to tender. This consultation will review whether your documentation is in good shape. It will also recommend any other appropriate steps you may wish to take to improve your readiness to tender, such as your diversity / equal opportunities and your environmental / sustainability policies. The free consultation will provide you with the reassurance that you are doing the right things, or that you know what to address. If you would like to take advantage of this free service please contact us.

3. Review Previous Tender Submissions

… how can you improve your win rate?

You may wish us to review tenders or bids that you have recently submitted. Perhaps you are looking for ways of improving them, and increasing your win rate. We will provide our observations, comments and suggestions as to how this may be achieved. If you would like to take advantage of this free service please contact us.

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