tender process

The Competitive Tender Process

The competitive tender process is exactly like a funnel. To win, you must complete each stage Expression of Interest All tenderers start off by making an Expression of Interest. This effectively means that they have “tossed their hat” into the ring for consideration to be included in the tender process. Pre-qualification Questionnaire Unless there is […]

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Competitive Tender Process

Informal Tender Procedure

I wrote in an earlier blog that, whereas a formal tender will follow certain protocols, an informal tender will not. I touched on the point that this means that the buyer is not obliged to follow any particular course of action, allowing them much more flexibility. However, because there is much more flexibility, there is

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No Rules

Open Tender Process

The open tender process differs from the closed tender process in a number of ways. The key difference is that in an open tender process any potential supplier can apply for inclusion in the tender. Whereas, in a closed tender process only a selected number of suppliers will be invited to tender. Additionally, an open

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