Mastering the Task

When a demanding task arrives, like a tender response, it is quite natural to circle around it for a while – and to worry that you are not making any real progress.

Don’t be concerned, this is all part of the process of mastering the task. I find that the process follows the following steps:

  1. SIZING UP THE TASK – this is the bit where you circle around it.
  2. GETTING THE MEASURE OF THE TASK – you are now making real progress, and gathering momentum.
  3. BREAKING THE BACK OF THE TASK – at this point you have done the majority of the work, and can clearly see what remains to be done.
  4. COMPLETION – This often comes as a surprise. You are on a roll, looking for the next action, and, lo and behold, you have done them all!

Time to review, improve and fine tune!!

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