Specialist Help with a Domiciliary Care Tenders

There are a huge amount of domiciliary care tenders around. To achieve business growth many domiciliary operators will look to win some contract work this way. However, there are many things to consider when tackling this, and many operators will engage some specialist help with a domiciliary care tender.

Domiciliary Care Tenders

Framework Agreements

Rather than simply go out to tender and award a contract for a number of assignments, which is not really practical, most tendering authorities will create a framework agreement. This means that domiciliary care operators who successful negotiate the tender stage will become approved suppliers, and on a list of suppliers that users within the authority may use. Being on the framework agreement won’t guarantee any business, but it is essential to achieve it in order to win any business with that authority.

Key Procurement Elements

The key elements that the purchasing authority are looking for will include those associated with the potential suppliers ability to undertake the job. So many questions will be associated with levels of care provided, professional skills, processes, resource and policies. The purchasing authority nay well provide a framework of pricing to which the expect suppliers to work within. There may be some flexibility on pricing.

There will also be a requirement to provide evidence of a sound business base. This will probably include the requirement to provide copies of Annual Accounts.

Managing and delivering all of this, on time, is why many operators will engage specialist help with a domiciliary care tender.


Once successfully on the framework agreement the domiciliary care operator will be looking for business, and to some extent it might be important for them to know how to promote themselves. Alternatively there may be mini-competitions for them to participate in. These will probably involve a bundle of assignments, and various suppliers on the framework agreement will compete for this.

For more information on how we can help win domiciliary care tenders please contact us.

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