Tender Assistance – Gently helping you win that tender

In my experience of being called in to provide tender assistance I often find that very high levels of stress have been created. An important part of my job is to relieve the pressure and bring the stress levels down.

The two most important factors in relieving the pressure straightaway are;

  1. To put a robust tender plan into place, breaking the job down into its component parts.
  2. To show some early progress – demonstrating that the whole thing is starting to come together.

Once the tender plan is in place the business owner or manager will be able concentrate and apply themselves to the key tasks, knowing that everything will be taken care of in good time. They will have got a huge monkey off their back!

The tender plan will comprise a number of elements;

  • A check list of all the routine tasks that need completing – ranging from providing a copy of the company accounts to signing the form of tender.
  • The creation material for those questions that need a written response.
  • The pricing, or financial proposal.
  • Importantly – a plan to tackle those thorny little issues that initially just simply seem too much!

This plan, having cut the job down to size, will also provide the basis for measuring progress, thereby ensuring that stress levels are kept low. Once all of the work has been completed there will sufficient time to ensure that the whole response can be reviewed in advance of submission. This means that changes and amendments can be made in a relaxed and considered frame of mean, and that the best possible response will be submitted.

Stress Levels

Contact us if you would like to find out how Momentum can provide tender assistance and help bring down the stress associated with an imminent tender. We will undertake a free review to establish how we might be able to help.

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