Tender Byte No 10 : “Exemplify”

Have you noticed a trend with tenders recently? Increasingly often, in order to score good points, you are asked for examples, and in order to score top points you are asked for well-worked examples.

Beware, this is not to be taken lightly.
A training certificate, exemplifying, for instance, the qualifications of your staff, is not it itself an “example”, and is certainly not a “well-worked example”. A well-worked example may be where, for instance, you describe a situation that you have encountered, what you have done to deal with it, what the outcome was, what the benefit to the customer was and what the long term effect on your business has been. In other words – a mini case study. What’s more, using the same example to support responses to different questions, even if it exemplifies different aspects, is not looked on favourably.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this. If you respond to tenders regularly you will develop a library of examples over time. But in the short term there is much work to be done.

My tip is this; buckle down when you are next asked to produce examples… and provide some really good ones! That way you will be working up your library for the future.

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