Tender Response Questions

When tackling tender response questions you will find that the questions tend to fall into categories. These are a sample:


Straightforward Questions

Straightforward Tender Response Questions: These are really easy to deal with, and require basic information such as company registration details, insurance information and so on. If you regularly complete tenders it is a good idea to maintain a record of this information and keep it in one place. This will make answering these questions very simple.

Open Questions

Open Tender Response Questions: These are the questions that will take some time and effort to tackle. They may involve formulating method statements about how you will approach specific aspects of the contract. If you regularly complete tenders you will find that you are addressing similar topics on a regular basis. It will be useful to keep a library of relevant material. However, it is essential to tailor it to the question.

Precisely Worded Questions

Precisely Worded Tender Response Questions: Sometimes you will find that questions are quite wordy, and ask for specific information. Make sure that each point is addressed directly in the response. A general response, covering the general topic, may well miss the point, and you score will be accordingly low.

Apparently Duplicated Questions

Apparently Duplicate Tender Response Questions: Sometimes you will find that there are two questions that appear to be similar. Look very carefully for the differences, and make sure that these points in particular are addressed in your response.

Questions to Which you do not Have an Answer

Occasionally you will come across a question to which you do not have an answer. Firstly, very carefully assess the consequences of not providing an answer. If there are none, and only if there are none, enter “N/A” ( for Not Applicable). Otherwise make every effort to answer the question. If this is an important issue, and you have no answer, this may be a showstopper. This could affect your decision about whether to tender or not. Therefore it is wise to address it early on.

Questions Which Require Supporting Material to be Submitted

These are again, really easy to answer, but only, of course, if you have the material readily available. As with open questions, you will come across these requests regularly. They include requests for accounts, policies, insurance documentation and so on. Again, keep a library of such material.

Understanding these categories, and recognising which questions fall into which categories will, in many ways, prepare you to answer them.

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