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Tender Letter

A tender support letter, if you have the opportunity to submit one, can be key in supporting and positioning your bid. As a part of our tender support services we can help you write a tender support letter. These are some key points to bear in mind when writing one.

Tender Letter

One Page – Two at the Most

Keep it short, ideally one page. If it is not part of the requested tender response it is quite likely to be given only a cursory glance – unless you can capture the reader’s attention, and make it quick and easy to take in a the key points.

Relevant Information

It is most likely to be read if it contains some relevant information. This may be something over and above your compliant bid that offers some kind of significant value. If you can capture the reader’s attention this way you may stand a fighting chance of getting them to read a little more.

Selling Points

If you have captured the readers attention you will have created a small window of opportunity in which to make your pitch. Your selling point needs to outline some sort of specific benefit associated with buying from you. It needs to be different from what your competitors will be saying.

Explanation of Tender

If your tender submission will benefit from explanation, now is the time to do so. For example, your pricing may be configured in such a way as to provide some cost benefits to the buyer that aren’t immediately obvious.

Personal Contact with You

Finally, you can give credence to the bid, and demonstrate personal commitment, by offering personal contact with you to follow up with any queries that the buyer may have.

Writing a good tender support letter, whilst not being requested, can be an opportunity to enhance your bid. But be careful, an over written letter may reduce your credibility, rather than add to it!

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