The Dreaded Presentation

Tender Presentation – Consider these two scenarios:

Scenario 1

Having completed the tender you are invited to deliver a tender presentation. The natural instinct at this juncture is to start to plan an impressive PowerPoint presentation and hit them with all your USPs. Off you go and create all sorts of dynamic statements and graphics.

Scenario 2

You have reached the end of the tender process (no tender presentation). You have failed to win the contract, and you have received some feedback. This feedback shows that the prospect didn’t really understand your proposition. “If only we’d had the chance to explain it to them!


Back to the first scenario … perhaps your approach should not be to “knock the socks off them”, but to take the opportunity to achieve absolute clarity (both ways) about your bid.

We are experts in tender presentations, ones that help your prospect understand what you need them to understand, ones that get your point across clearly and succinctly, ones that answer questions but still leave enough room for discussion.

If you are about to submit a tender for something that is really important to you, why don’t you ask us to check it over before you press send on your desktop. We do this for a living, let us help. Call us (we know how these things keep you awake at night).

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