5 Bid Writing Tips

Bid Writing

These are 5 bid writing tips specifically aimed at the process of writing.


Use Headings and Sub Headings

It will be much easier for your reader to digest the contents of your bid if it is well laid out. also, it will also be much easier for you to organise the material you wish to present if you structure it. Doing it this way will allow the reader to follow your train of thought, and your logic becomes more persuasive.

Use Bullet Points

If you wish to present a number of points to support a key element, listing them as bullet points will serve to emphasise them most powerfully.

  • They have visual impact
  • It is clear that there a number of good reasons that you have presented what you have
  • They become more memorable
  • They help to break the document down into digestible chunks

Start Writing Badly

Sometimes it is very difficult to start writing material with which you are happy. It is not until you have got into your stride that things begin to flow. You won’t get into your stride until you have been writing for a while. So it is OK to start off badly, because you can always go back and edit it later. That way you get into your stride!

Structure it Around Their Agenda

If they have asked a question, or they have presented a number of points for you to address, use these as your headings and sub headings. This will mean that you can deal with each point in a structured way, and, importantly, they can see that you have addressed all their points. This means that you will score maximum points.

Word Count Limit – Be Careful

  1. Word count limits are specified to avoid the bid being over populated with extraneous material. However, if they have specified a word count limit it is an indication of the the amount of relevant material that they expect. Don’t fall too short.
  2. On the other hand, if you have, say, 1,000 words of material and a 500 word limit don’t simply try to edit it down. Start by listing the key points you wish to make, and work up to the word count.

Following these tips will help take some of the angst out of bid writing, with the outcome of improving your chances of winning the bid. A win-win!

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