Tender Advice – 5 Top Tips

My last blog comprised 5 bid writing tips specifically aimed at the process of writing. These 5 tips comprise tender advice about the whole tender response process.


Bid / No Bid Strategy

Before embarking on the demanding process of submitting a tender it is important to consider whether it is worthwhile doing so. Do you really want the business – on the terms that are likely to ensue? Are you likely to win the business? If you regularly submit tenders it could be worthwhile developing an assessment checklist. This will provide you with an objective way of making a decision.

Tender Readiness

Make sure that you are in good shape to tender, and that all the material and supporting documentation is in place. This includes the basic paperwork, such as annual accounts, insurance documentation and so on. It includes having all the necessary policies in place – health & safety, equality & diversity, business continuity etc. It also includes documented processes detailing how you run your business – operational systems and procedures.

Maximum Compliance

To achieve maximum scores for any particular tender you will need demonstrate maximum compliance. In other words, for every point they raise you need to provide evidence that you will deliver. Every response needs to be checked to ensure that it fully and clearly answers the question.

Tender Plan

At the outset it is really good practice to formulate a tender plan. This will outline what tasks need to be completed, who is responsible for completing them and by when.

Tender De-brief

Once the whole process has been completed, and the outcome has be settled, win or lose, it is important to get a de-brief. If you have lost it will help understand why – and, to complete the loop, it will help you develop your bid / no bid strategy. If you have won, understanding why will help you not only develop your bid / no bid strategy but also your marketing strategy.

Following these tips will help you win more tenders, whilst submitting fewer. Less pain – more gain!

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