Tender Consulting Services from a Tender Expert

A tender expert will:

Give informed advice on the chance of success

Tender Expert

A tender expert will have some considerable experience of tender outcomes, and will have an extensive understanding of what constitutes a successful tender. They will be able to advise accordingly and help you make an informed bid / no bid decision.

Quickly and efficiently navigate through the tender

When a tender first arrives, to the inexperienced it can be very confusing. A tender expert will have experienced a vast range of tenders, and will be able to quickly recognise how it is structured. They will be able to sum it up quickly, and identify all the salient points. This can save a lot of time and stress.

Know what will score points, and how to formulate the tender accordingly

The ultimate objective of a tender response is to get through to the next stage. The way this invariably works is on the basis of a scoring system. It is essential to respond to the tender in such a way as to score maximum points. This will not necessarily be immediately apparent to the uninitiated. A tender expert will know exactly how to configure the response in order to score the highest number of points.

Be able to put a tender plan together that will ensure that all the right things get done in the right order

The whole business of responding to a tender can be both time consuming and stressful. There can be a tendency, because the task appears to be so massive, to rush things – and that is when things go wrong, and mistakes are made, creating even more work! A tender expert will devise a tender plan ensuring that things get done at a measured pace, and results are achieved quickly and painlessly.

Be resourceful in terms of being able to deal with the thorny little issues that can sometimes hijack a tender response

Pareto’s Law often applies, inasmuch as 20% of the tasks can take 80% of the time. In fact some tasks can become even more out of proportion – but they all have to be completed by the response deadline. A tender expert will probably have had experience of dealing with a thorny little issue just like yours, and have a way of dealing with it to hand.

In a nutshell, using a tender expert can lead to less stress and more success!

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