All About Bid Proposal Writing

Bid Proposal Writing

Mastering the art of bid proposal writing, just like many other skills, is a blend of learning and experience.

Bid proposal writing experts are likely to have clocked up several thousand bids. Good bid proposal writers will have learned from this. They key lessons they will have learned will include;

Bid Proposal Writing

Recognising the Key Buying Points

Writing bids that address the key buying points is absolutely essential. The bid that demonstrates that it can best meet the requirements, and offers best value for money, is the one that will win the bid.

Knowing How to Write Persuasive Material Quickly

In bid proposal writing, which is deadline driven, time is of the essence. It is very easy to spend time getting the writing to flow. It is very easy, too, to spend time writing relevant material. It is really important to get writing quickly, and to keep focussed on sticking to the point.

Being Able to Tell if Existing Material is Relevant

There is a temptation, when material exists that is related to the material that is needed, to use whatever is available. This can be a pitfall. It may be relevant. It may be partly relevant, but need some tailoring. It may be irrelevant. Take caution if it is partly relevant. It is sometimes quicker, easier and more effective to write new material rather than force partly relevant material to fit the requirement.

Working Under Pressure to Tight Tender Deadlines

More haste less speed. With a clock ticking, noisily, it can be easy to start to panic. When this occurs mistakes can happen, time can be lost, and the whole process can become very stressful. It is vital to stay calm.

Managing Input from Others

Quite often certain material, or information, will be the responsibility of others to produce. They will not necessarily be working to the same priorities. It is important to manage their iput with empathy, but with absolute focus on the output requirements.

In summary, a bid proposal writer needs to be highly concentrated, able to work quickly and effectively, and absolutely focussed on the finish line!

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