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I have recently written on the topic of Assistance with PQQ completion, which is all about demonstrating compliance and getting through to the next stage. Well, this is it! The ITT is the next stage, and assistance with ITT completion is the topic of today’s blog.

The ITT is where it gets seriously competitive, and the price is put on the table. This is, at the same time, a formal bid for the contract and an opening negotiating stance. Should the bid be successful, and you are drawn into negotiation, you don’t want to be in a position where you have nothing left to give away. On the other hand, if you pitch you price too high you will probably not even get to the negotiating table.

All is not lost though, the outcome of the ITT is not entirely dependent on price. The likelihood is that the contract will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT). This means that if you can score highly on points, even though your are not the lowest on price, you may well be judged to be the most economically advantageous. The scoring system will be designed to balance out the quality factors and the commercial factors.

Bearing all of this in mind it is absolutely essential to maximise your points score. Specialist assistance with ITT completion may make the difference between scoring well, but not being the most economically advantageous, to tipping the balance and scoring top points. Key areas for points scoring are usually associated with questions about methodology. It is vital to give comprehensive responses with plenty of supporting tangible evidence. Points scoring is not just limited to compiling responses to questions about methodology. Robust policies and procedures are important. If you don’t have them, or are not happy with them, it will be essential to create them, or improve them, for the tender. Again specialist assistance with ITT completion can make light work of this challenge.

To maximise your chances of success find yourself professional assistance with ITT completion.

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