Tender Help to Suit You

It is important, when looking for someone to provide help with a tender, that they provide the level of tender help to suit you. It is also important that they provide help at a level to suit your budget. It is also essential to be able to fully explore all the elements of the support package before committing to investing money in it.

So the ideal process will be for you to start off by having a free initial consultation in order for you to be able to review and evaluate the options. This should then be followed by choosing between the various tender help packages available.

Support Packages Graphic

Tender Packages

Basic Advice and Guidance

A package offering basic advice and guidance will enable those with a limited budget to avail themselves of the specialist expertise of a Tender Consultant. By doing most of the work yourself it will mean that the Tender Consultant will be able to direct your input and ensure that you  are formulating the best possible response.

Basic Advice and Guidance plus Practical Help

There may be some areas of response that require material to be created. A package offering the support described above, plus practical help, will mean that the Tender Consultant will be able to help create key material.

Full Project Management

If your time is really limited you will be able to hand the whole thing over to the Tender Consultant. They will take full control of the response process, and will gather the information they require from you in a managed and painless fashion. They will create a project management plan to ensure that all elements of the response are completed on time.

During you initial free consultation you will be able to explore all aspects of how your tender support package will work. You will be able to continue to discuss it until you are satisfied that it is right for you,

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