ISO9001 – What value will I get?

Many business owners will take the view that they know how their business runs, so what is the point in documenting it?

ISO 9001

Of course, it is clear to all that ISO9001 certification is an important aspect in formally tendering for contract. But not everyone wants to use that route to market.

However, there are some quite compelling reasons for implementing an accredited quality management system.

Clarity for all – with a documented quality management system in place employees will be able to gain a clear understanding of their role, and how it fits in with everybody else’s role.

Avoidance of duplication – in some businesses, with well-motivated employees, staff will often see something that needs doing, and do it. If there is a lack of clarity about whose job it is, someone else may also do it – leading to confusion!

Guidance for new staff – they will be able to be given a clear description of the tasks they are required to perform, with an aide memoire available to help in the early stages of their career with the business.

Credibility – you will be seen to have a professional approach, assured through independent, external certification.

Adding significant value to the business – if a successful business person has aspirations to build the value of the business, with a view to a sale at some point in the future, documented processes are a must. A business that is dependent on the owner for its smooth running is of limited value to a prospective purchaser. A business with embedded systems and procedures, and can stand on its own feet is of considerably more value.

If you are serious about your business this is something to consider seriously. I work with a specialist in this field. Contact us to find out more.


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