Business Tender Services

Tender services are used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, and for various reasons. It may be that they need additional resources to boost their own bid response team, or it may be that they have limited resources within the business. Smaller businesses will find that the onus for the tender response lies with the business owner or senior manager.

Tender Plan Graph

Smaller businesses will engage business tender services:

  • To assist with the workload associated with a tender response
  • To relieve the pressure that comes with working to a no-negotiable tender deadline
  • To provide specialist help and expertise that will maximise the chances of success

Business tender services will be employed by a range of businesses providing a range of products and services to clients in range of business sectors. Many of these clients, but not all of them, will be in the public sector. Consultants who provide business tender services will be familiar with the tender process. They will be able to navigate easily through the response requirements, and be able to anticipate and avoid any pitfalls.

Different businesses may engage business tender services at different levels. They may just require advice and guidance. They may require the tenders consultant to provide input to help create response material. They may want the consultant to take over as project manager for the tender response. If this is the case the consultant will formulate a tender response plan, detailing who is responsible to do what and by when. They will ensure that tasks are completed on time, and that the response is submitted by the deadline, with a comfortable margin, allowing for unforeseen circumstances, and for a complete review of the submission.

Over time a business owner and tender services consultant may build up a working relationship that leads to a steady stream of successful tenders.

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