Tender Consultant Reviews

Businesses may wish to arrange a tender consultant review for a number of reasons. Commonly there may be a history of failure to win tenders, or they may possibly be losing tenders when previously they might have won them.

Tender consultant reviews can be arranged to assess tender submissions – and to asses the feedback that has been received. This will identify areas of weakness, and therefore areas for improvement, and any aspects of the business that may require attention. It may be that, whereas the business is very successful and well run, this does not translate into a good tender submission. If this is the case the chances are that the business processes and procedures need to be documented, possibly in a way that could eventually lead to ISO9001 certification.It may be the case that the business is weak in terms of written policies. These should be in place to cover a whole range of possible topics; Health & Safety, Environmental Sustainability, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, Whistle Blowing and so on.

A good tender consultant will be able to assist with all of this. They will be able to help embed all of these procedures into your business. They will be able to assist with customer communication tools, such as Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They will be able to provide examples of methodology for contract mobilisation – start up programmes – and other key functions.

In fact the benefits that can accrue from tender consulting reviews can spread far beyond the area of tender wins, and impact beneficially across the business as a whole.

A good tender consultant will be able to organise you in readiness for tender responses. They will help you get case studies written up, and references arranged. They will create an easy to use tender library that makes it simple to access pre-prepared material on most topics that are likely to crop up.

All in all the outcomes from tender consultant reviews leave you not only in better shape to respond to tenders but also in better shape within your business in general.

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