Tender Support Services Explained

Tender support services are services provided by a Tender Consultant, who will assist with the preparation of a tender response. This consultant will help manage the bid process and ensure that the chances of winning the bid are optimised. Generally speaking tender support services are engaged when a business requires help with a live tender. However, they can also be engaged in anticipation of tendering.


In fact tender support services can be pretty much what you want them to be. Tender support services can support just one tender, or they can be put into place to provide ongoing support for help with tenders on a regular basis. If this is the case there is much work that can be done to prepare for tendering. A tender library library can be assembled, containing pre-prepared material on various aspects of the business. Note; this material will need to be tailored for each and every tender response.

Tender support services are fully mobilised as and when help with a live tender is required. These services are variable, and dependent upon what level of support is required. It may be just advice and guidance that is needed, in which case the tender consultant will assess the tender documents at the start of the process and provide pointers as to how the response should be approached. Once a draft has been completed the tender consultant will review this and continue to provide advice until the response is finalised. In addition to this the tender consultant may be required to create response material, or they may be needed to project manage the whole process, managing the response and ensuring that all elements are completed properly and on time.

Finally, once the result of the process is known, in the client’s favour or otherwise, feedback should be gained and reviewed. This will show how improvements can be made. Over time a relationship may be built between the tender consultant and client leading to a steady stream of successful tenders.

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