Working to a Tight Tender Deadline

help with tenders

Sometimes, when I provide help with a tender, I am called upon to be working to a tight tender deadline.

Although this is not ideal, very quick turnarounds can be achieved – in some cases as quickly as 24 hours. This is entirely dependent upon certain factors. Firstly, there needs to be total commitment from all involved. It is essential for information to be made available quickly and when requested, and any views or opinions on the progress of the response to be communicated immediately. Secondly, most of the support material required – annual accounts, policies, procedures, evidence of certification etc. – needs to be readily available. Thirdly, there needs to be a well-managed project plan in place. This project plan is crucial. It will determine what needs to be done, by whom and by when. It will also ensure that the longest tasks, and the ones on which others depend, are started straight away.

Once the implementation of the project plan is underway there will need to be continuous activity and constant communication – at all hours of the day and night. If all of this in place working to a tight tender deadline does not present an insurmountable obstacle, and managing amazing turnarounds can be achieved.

I can help with all of this. In the first instance I can help asses whether or the required factors are in place, or potentially in place, and whether the deadline is achievable. I can assist with the project plan, formulating it and implementing all the necessary actions. I can then help with the creation of the necessary material, including support material such as policies and procedures.

Working to a tight tender deadline can place an enormous strain on businesses. Tackling this in an organised and streamlined fashion, with someone else taking the onus of the pressure, can significantly reduce stress levels.

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