How to Find and Qualify a Tender Expert

There are many tender experts offering their services over the internet. Most of them are good at their job of supporting business submit tenders. So how do you find and quality the right tender expert for you?

Tender Specialist

As well as having a good track record you need to find someone with whom you will be able to work, and who will understand you and your business. As and when you make an approach to a potential tender expert to help you, you will be able to tell much from how they respond. Do they get back to you quickly? Do they ask about you and what you are looking for? Do they explain how the tender support process works? Are they up front and open about costs?

As well as finding out about these factors you will be able to gauge how you feel about working with them. Are they empathetic? Do they understand you? Do they have time to listen to you?

Having made the first approach, the next stage is to sound them out for your particular tender response project. They should ask you for access to the tender documents, which may involve going online to view them. How they assess the task to be done will be an excellent indicator of how they will do the job. They should be able to identify key issues about the tender requirements, and ask you searching questions about how they can be met. At this point they should be coming up with ideas and suggestions, together with recommendations about how to move things forward. They should also be able to advise you on how well placed you are to bid for the contract.

Your assessment of the tender expert, based on all of this, will give you a good idea of whether or not they are the right person to support you.

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