Winning a Tender!

In my experience of helping people win tenders, winning a tender is not just a question of submitting the best possible tender response. Although this is clearly an essential part of winning a tender!


There is what comes after it to consider – and what comes before.

In terms of what comes after it, the objective of submitting a tender is to get through to the next stage – maybe a presentation, maybe a dialogue. This is quite likely in turn to move on to negotiation. Achieving the objective of getting through to the next stage requires maximum compliance with the tender requirements; all the “boxes must be ticked”, maximum scores must be throughout and all evidence must be provided as required. (See elsewhere in my blogs for how this works.)

In terms of what comes before the tender, this is a question of whether your business is “tender ready”. This is crucial. It concerns not only what documentation you can produce, but also how you actually run your business. You need to have all the right procedures in place, as well as all the right policies. You need to be able to demonstrate that these are all fully embedded in your business, and that you have a proved track record in delivering the product or service for which you are tendering. You also need to be able to demonstrate solid financial standing.

Good references are also a must. Tendering businesses and organisations will be looking for assurances that others have had a good experience of what you are offering. Furthermore, good case studies, endorsed by the client, are worth their weight in gold.

If you would like a review of your business to assess whether you are tender ready, and whether you stand a chance of winning a tender, please contact me. We can also help with case studies, with developing policies and with documenting the systems and procedures through which you control your business. We can also help implement systems and procedures operationally.

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