What are Tender Consultants?

Tender Consultant

What are tender consultants? Well … I am a tender consultant, and it is my role to help maximise my clients’ chances of winning tenders by ensuring that they submit the best possible tender responses.

Tender consultants like me will also help in other ways. We will work with our clients to put together a robust tender response plan – ensuring that all tasks are completed and that all deadlines are met. We will also take on the job of writing tender response material, based on rough notes. These may be taken over the phone or in person, or they may be emailed. For clients who are already busy running their business, having a tender consultant take on the onus of getting the tender response completed on time can take a huge weight off their shoulders.

A good tender consultant, worth his or her salt, will consider and advise on all aspects. Not only will we advise on putting the best possible response together, we will also advise on how prepared the client and their business are. We will advise how best to get prepared, and on whether we consider them to be ready to tender for any particular opportunity.

All in all our clients will be able to sleep at night knowing that the best possible tender response will be submitted – on time. And, by the way, if the times at which some of my prospective clients submit queries through my website is anything to go by, then there are many who will be really glad to have no more sleepless nights!

Furthermore, over time a tender consultant and client may build a relationship based on understanding and mutual respect that can lead to a steady stream of healthy business through well targeted tender opportunities. A tender library will be in place, and the whole tender response process will be straightforward and efficient, and one that everybody understands.

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