But I’ve just answered that question!

So … you are working your way diligently through a tender document, writing responses. You have just answered the question, “What approach does your organisation take to the employment of local people? Please provide a specific example where possible.” You have told them all about how your approach takes into account the diverse nature of the local community, and how you will maximise the benefits to be had from local recruitment. Furthermore you have included an impressive example of how you have made this work in the past.

You scroll down to the next question and read, “What part will the employment of local people play in your approach to ensuring the delivery of sensitive and appropriate services to the diverse communities in the Borough?” “But I’ve just answered that question”, you think. You double check just to make sure, and find that the two questions appear similar, but are subtly different.

The difference is really important. You can infer from this that the tendering organisation regards each of these topics as significant in their own right – and will award points accordingly.

My tip is this; when this situation occurs take heed. It is an opportunity to address the key issues, and maximise your chance of success in the tender. It is not an excuse to submit two variations of the same answer. (Of course, ideally, you will have read all the questions through carefully at the beginning and spotted this.)

Don’t despair when this happens, rather regard it as an opportunity to outperform your competitors!

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