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Business Tender Services

Tender services are used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, and for various reasons. It may be that they need additional resources to boost their own bid response team, or it may be that they have limited resources within the business. Smaller businesses will find that the onus for the tender response lies with

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Tender Plan Graph

Mastering the Task

When a demanding task arrives, like a tender response, it is quite natural to circle around it for a while – and to worry that you are not making any real progress. Don’t be concerned, this is all part of the process of mastering the task. I find that the process follows the following steps:

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Tender Response Questions

Apparently, procurement people who mark tenders sometimes make the note “ATFQ”, next to a tender response which which doesn’t answer the question. Too many bidders fail to win tenders because they fail to answer the tender response question! Answer The Full Question (ATFQ)! When we work with companies like yourselves, we take the time to

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Tender Negotiation Advice – I Started Out with Nothin’, and I Still Got Most of It Left

Does the following situation sound familiar? You, or someone who works for you, is closing a sale, and the topic of price is raised. The customer asks for a reduction. The thought process is, “If I don’t immediately make a significant reduction I will lose the sale.” Panic sets in, a reduction is made, and,

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